How has Social Media Marketing Evolved in the Past Year?

Social Media Marketing involves creating contents idolizing products and services that brands wish to promote to the desired audiences’ in time utilizing digital channels. They have been blind reliant on the digital platforms to create recognition and authority in the marketplace. Emphasizing the time we are in, the forefront of revolution, witnessing changes at every […]

Google’s AI Patent Could Transform Pixels into Skin Cancer Diagnostic Devices

Swaying through a time where digital dependencies have elevated, people are relying on the technologies to resource immediate information. One of the Google officials stated that people blindly rely on the search engines to inundate with necessary updates. The Technology giant also popularly the leading search engine recently addressed a rising concern impacting the worldwide […]

Do Hashtags Really Work? How To use Them To Increase Engagement in Twitter

A keyword or phrase converted to a hyperlinked word or phrase with a hash symbol preceding is termed as hashtag. The idea made its way to us following the footsteps of the web marketing specialist Chris Messina in the year 2007. Emphasizing the question, has Hashtags met the needs i.e. boosting the customer engagement? To […]