What is Blog? A Blog is an online journal or diary located on a website where the content is introduced in reverse chronological order with latest posts showing first. In short, a blog is a kind of website which basically emphasis on written content. Blog content is also familiar as blog posts. Many blogs are […]

Voice Search

There is no chance to deny the popularity of Voice Search in our daily life because everywhere we are moving around there is an Amazon Echo or a PC equipped with Cortana or someone calling “Hey Siri” on their iPhone where the virtual assistants are always being updated with current technology. So, voice search is […]


A Chatbot is an AI based Computer programme which imitate human conversation in the form of text. It is basically used to interact with several customers, to give solution to their queries & to continue communication at a more formal level. Even it helps in reading & getting information, & even buying for that matter. […]

Newsletter & its importance!!!

Definition: Newsletters are digital template describing information’s of a business or an organization. Companies send informational & product-focused content template via an emailed letter to its subscriber list that comprises potential and existing customers. Online business utilizes newsletters to keep their brand in users mind. It also helps to notify loyal readers about products & […]