We target your clientele as per your business need

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Email Marketing

An email marketing subject line is the window of the carefully designed email intended for your targeted audiences. As publishers, we understand that advertisers like you are the driving force of our economy because you not only build the products, but also try your best to assure that they reach the people they are intended for.

Are you overlooking segmentation while planning your email marketing strategy? A research article published by Marketing Land said that segmentation is the most overlooked email marketing strategy. Segmentation is a vital part of any digital marketing strategy and it plays a good role in increasing the conversions. Our list segmentation approach is targeted at our advertiser's business. Depending on your business type and your segment preferences, we try to employ the appropriate email database so your email reaches the interested crowd. The type of segmentation that you need often depends upon the end goal of your email marketing campaign. You share your end goal with us and we send your well designed email to the right recipients.

Content is the fuel that drives the online digital business. Although you might see a rush of content all around the online arena. we create content which makes your business clear to your customers. The first and foremost goal of content marketing should be to inform and educate your customers about what service or product you have to offer, what benefits customers will be getting out of it, and why should they choose you over others

So, we always put our first focus on understanding the target audiences of your business. Our prime goal is to understand in which stage your audiences are with respect to your service acceptance There are multiple business models based on which different small, medium and big enterprises operate. The targets of businesses are different and hence a tailored content marketing strategy is the best approach to align with the specific goals of the businesses.

Content Modulation


Social media, if executed correctly, can reap the benefits beyond the expectation The online world is volatile. Things and concepts change rapidly. The strategy you used six months back might not be working today. It's time to revisit your social media marketing strategy always Century Media 360 takes a unique approach to solving the engagement problem by embedding content strategy with the conversation strategy.

Like every other small and big project, social media marketing is also an ongoing project aimed at your brand building and business generation. With the implementation of the project management strategies, the social media marketing project can effectively be managed and you can expect good results for your business.

Century Services Canada Limited offers a wide ranging, full complement of back office services for tasks such as data entry, data cleansing, content management, and form processing allowing our customers to concentrate their energy on higher value work. Each activity Century Services Canada Limited takes on is thoroughly mapped, including adherence to quality measures, to make sure that our customers’ work is done properly and with minimal errors. Century Services Canada Limited provides extensive operational analysis & reporting in whatever time frame the client prefers. We think ourselves as extension of our client’s business which helps us to gain knowledge of the in-depth working system of the organization and deliver well-organized cost-effective service. Our knowledgeable team tries to live up to the expectation of our clients and fulfil their needs.



Century Services Canada Limited can help you in your business-specific customized processes, analytical and technical skills, and decisive judgment without the burden and expense of hiring and maintaining additional personnel.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing covers the entire gamut of intellectual capital-centric activities such as domain specific research, data processing & mining, content management and database management.

We work with our Clients:

  • Medical Transcription.
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Coding.
  • Medical Data Entry.
  • Healthcare Staffing Services.
  • Data conversion.
  • Data Imaging and Indexing services.

Sales Call

Today's customers don't want a sales call. They want information that can solve the problems they are facing and make their life easier. They want customized solutions to their specific problem types.

Creativity & Technology

We strive to create a common intersection point for creativity and technology. We put emphasis on creating the perfect mix, so as to assure that both the parameters really complement each other resulting in a greater good.

Customized Plan

All our digital marketing services are backed up by a customized plan specific to the requirements of our clients. Right from the start, we assure that the step-wise implementation goes in the right direction so as to enhance the digital presence of the brands.

Updated News

The prime reason people consistently look out for information is they crave updated news. While businesses are busy updating themselves in the offline mode, they need to publish this in the online mode too.